“The Captain” Don Kirk

“The Captain” Don Kirk

Don is a true son of Wyoming having been born in the Cowboy State and raised in small towns surrounded by farms, ranches, and the oilfield industries.  First in Big Piney Wyoming, then transplanted to Bayfield Colorado when his Dad transferred with Williams Field Services to take a position in the Ignacio District.  He graduated High School, proud to be a Wolverine!

His first job in radio was on KISZ, when the studio’s were located in Cortez.  The first song he played as a professional broadcast D.J.?  “Livin’ On A Prayer”, by Bon Jovi.  KISZ wasn’t always a country station, ya know.

He has a daughter, Miss T,,

and a Grandson, Michael.

He’s a solid fan of the Wyoming Cowboys!  

His favorite foods are generally something that is spicy, or hot.  

Favorite shows include Star Trek (huge shock, right?) Big Bang Theory, The Walking Dead, and whatever’s on Svengoolie!

Don’s favorite part of being on-air is Solid Gold Saturday Morning, when he gets to play requests from the golden age of country music, bringing back memories to relive with listeners every weekend.  “A song that someone hasn’t heard for 20, 30 years and have given up hope of ever hearing again?  Those are the ones that give me a kick when I find it and put it on the radio.”  He says. “Then to picture someone sitting at the table over a cup of coffee as the years melt away and an old familiar feeling comes back, maybe a smile or even a tear.  Something that has deep meaning for them and just makes their day…….  That’s what makes this job so special.”  He explains. “When you see someone get emotional over a three minute song that only you could play for just them, doesn’t matter that a couple thousand other people are listening, that song was for them and it made a difference in their life, if only for a minute or two.  That’s magic.  That’s radio.”   That’s the “Captain”.