Big D & Bubba

Monday – Friday 6a – 10a

When you’re sitting in the car wondering if the person in the next car over in traffic thinks that you’ve lost your mind because you are seemingly laughing hysterically to yourself, or sitting in the parking lot at your destination waiting for us to finish a topic, silly phone call, interview, game or conversation…..We are right there with you. And with you all the way. We know how crazy life can be….and we want to be your goofy, chubby, best radio-friend refuge from the harsh reality of being pulled in 100 different directions by your spouse, kids, boss, coworkers, etc.

If you are new to the show,…um……hi! We hope to get to know you and hope that you put up with us long enough to get to know us as well. By the way…because EVERYONE asks us…..We met in 1996 in Baton Rouge, La., where Big D was hosting a morning show and Bubba was hosting afternoons. We immediately hit it off, both on and off the air, and ended up pairing up to co-host a show together at the ripe old ages of 24!


Monday – Friday 10a – 2p

Every day you can hear him sign off with a message of love to his wife Aimee. Listeners have come to know the phrase “Aimee, I’m coming home!” Shawn started his radio career at the age of 16 in Dallas, TX doing part-time, behind-the-scenes work. From there he landed in Albuquerque, to Farmington, to Texas, and back to where he calls Farmington his home. Shawn and his wife, Aimee, are strong in their faith and family.

Amy O’Brien

Monday – Friday 2p – 7p

Amy is a native New Mexican. Born and raised in “the big city” of Albuquerque and a graduate of St. Pius X High School. It was during the summer before her junior year in high school that she decided to take a radio broadcasting class for extra credit (just in case she failed Chemistry in the upcoming year.) That was all it took to get her hooked. When applying for colleges she made sure to choose a school with a radio station where she’d actually have a chance to work. That’s how she ended up as the News Director and Program Director of KSMC in Moraga, CA. Amy has worked on virtually every format there is in the world of radio and has been on the air in Albuquerque, Austin (TX), and Salt Lake City (UT). There is always music playing in the background because it’s hard to work without. She grew up listening to Big Band music (dad), Broadway Show Tunes (mom), Jazz and Country (Big Brother Sean), and Heavy Metal (Big Brother Terry), so her taste is extremely eclectic! Amy is married to someone else who makes his living talking and has a smart/sassy/kind/ beautiful daughter and adorable dog. When she’s not at work there’s a good chance she’s checking her daughter’s homework, leading her daughter’s scout troop, or taking her daughter to dance classes. She’s definitely NOT cooking… that’s her husband’s job and he’s a fantastic chef!


Monday – Saturday 7p – Midnight

The sticky substance that holds the stories together with the songs. The gal who can’t keep a secret yet everyone seems to tell them to her anyway. Lia is happily married to the luckiest guy on earth, Chad. They have 4 kids. All of them smart, spoiled, and love country music. In her spare time, she plays word games, mind games and locks herself in the bathroom for 5 minutes of peace at least once a day.

Backstage Country

Monday – Friday Midnight – 6a

Where the stars are your DJs! Each week a star of Country Music sits in for a 5-hour weekday air shift on your station! Bring your listeners even closer to their favorite artists as Backstage Country delivers unprecedented on-air access to the top names in Country as they share their personal stories and of course, their music.